Megan’s Musings: Cold Weather Enrichment

Duke and Mya dressed for it and  loving the snow Enrichment can be defined as the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something. For our dogs, this means improving their quality of life through various activities and/or experiences that improve their physical and/or psychological health. This is important for our dogs […]

Megan’s Musings: Bad Breeding in Alberta

In June, Ty Marshall applied to expand his kennel operations in Vulcan, Alberta. This proposed plan would have resulted in 200 dogs being housed and 50 puppies being born per week. Thankfully for the many dogs and families who would have suffered much stress and heartache, this application was denied. However, due to our weak […]

Megan’s Musings: What Dog Training Needs

When most people think of dog training, they picture dogs doing long stays, walking right beside their owner looking up at them and coming when called. It is this serious area where we view the dogs as little trick producing animals that stay out of trouble. Traditionally, the focus has always been on the technical […]

Megan’s Musings: How We Stress Out Our Dogs

How we can make our dogs feel from our own actions It’s true. Nervous owners are more likely to have nervous dogs. This study released last month confirmed something dog trainers have suspected for years. We get nervous which causes our dogs to get nervous, and when our dogs are nervous, we get nervous. It […]

Megan’s Musings: Learning from Belize Dogs

Me and Mia at the Pickled Parrot I have to say it. Belize really is un-belizeable. I had the privilege of spending 10 days there in January and had a wonderful holiday. I loved the heat, the people, the scenery and especially loved watching the many dogs roaming the streets, hanging out freely in the […]