The dogma of Manners: Jumping

Many dog owners face the challenge of training their dog not to jump on people. It can be frustrating and embarrassing and we often unintentionally reward this behaviour. Whether it is the first time we bring our sweet puppy home and give them cuddles while they jump up on us, or even if we say […]

The dogma of Handling

One of the most important skills I have with my dogs is how they accept handling and the calming effect it has on them. I feel that this is a critical thing to work on with dogs, and in my experience, see that most dog owner’s and people who interact with dogs, unknowingly encourage the […]

Megan’s Musings: A Change in Direction

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the stop of our Volunteer Education Program that was launched almost 2 years ago.  This program offers all of our classes and education events at no charge to volunteers, and we also provided a full scholarship for our Canine Behaviour & Handling Certificate. There have […]

Summertime and Our Dogs

The summer months are a wonderful time to get out and spend time with our dogs. However, life in the sun is not always easy for our four-legged companions. Just like humans, our pets can dehydrate, overheat, sunburn and suffer from insect bites. By following the below precautions, you can keep your pets healthy and […]

Megan’s Musings: Regulations

If you have not seen this already, last week there was an article in the Calgary Herald about an employee at a dog care facility that is being charged with animal abuse. You can read the article here.  We have received many calls and emails, and have spoken to many people who were quite concerned about […]