Megan’s Musings: urbanK9’s: Helping our Dogs Cope in the City

Dogs have become family members and it is easy to forget that they are not small humans with fur. Our human world is full of things that can scare or confuse our canine companions. Many standard items or regular situations for us can create stress and anxiety in our dogs. There are a wide range of noises, machinery, people, items and environments that do not make sense to them. I highly recommend you read Empathy 101 for a brilliant take on what the human world is like for our dogs. The fear and/or stress your dog may experience could cause behaviour problems to develop. To prevent this, we must spend the time socializing and training them properly. We must also ensure we respond appropriately to our dog’s reactions to these items. Our dog’s success in the urban environment depends entirely on our influence and ensuring that we set our dogs up for success. At dogma, our goal is to create ideal urbanK9s; dogs that are well-mannered, confident and who you can take anywhere without concerns. In this month’s post, I am going to share my ideas on how best to accomplish this to ensure your dog can handle the city life and grow into an urbanK9 you can trust. Read more

Megan’s Musings: What is Success in Training?

Training a dog is a responsibility, not a choice. But what is a trained dog? How do we define success? Success can mean different things for many different people. The goals we have set for our dog may be unfair or unrealistic. When starting any training program it is important that you have fair expectations for your dog. This is what will make your training successful and allow you to obtain the best results. By expecting too much, you risk causing unnecessary stress and confusion for your dog. In this post, I will share ways to ensure your goals help you to get the most from your training. Read more

Megan’s Musing: New Year’s Resolutions for our Dogs

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and planning for a great year ahead. Many people set out a list of resolutions to make the next year the best it can be. Dogs bring so much into our lives including happiness, unconditional love and loyalty to name a few, that we should include them in our promises to improve our lives in the upcoming year. I’ve outlined some ideas below on resolutions we can make with our dogs to enhance our bonds, ensure we enjoy our time with them and help us both stay as happy and stress free as possible. Read more

Megan’s Musings: Happy Holidays Safety tips

When most of us think of the holiday season we think of celebrations, creating happy memories and spending time with those we love. For many, it is a time full of love and joy. However, for our pets, it can be full of dangers and be a time filled with fear and stress. This is because many of the things we do to celebrate the holidays are foreign and new to our pets and can instead cause anxiety and pose potential threats. By following the below tips for each holiday item, you can ensure you continue to fill your holidays with wonderful memories that include your pets and help keep everyone safe and happy! Read more

Megan’s Musings: 10 Tips for a Better Life with your Dog

Having a dog as a family member is a wonderful experience. They love us unconditionally, are loyal and are always honest about how they feel. Dogs are a source of joy in our lives, but as in any relationship, there may be challenges. Your dog may do things that confuse and frustrate you, or perhaps they develop behaviour concerns that are upsetting for all involved. The good news is that these are preventable and there are many things we can do to ensure we can enjoy a lifetime of happiness with our dogs. In this post, I am going to outline 10 easy things dog owners can do to ensure we get the most from the time with our dogs. Read more

Megan’s Musings: Enhance the Bond with your Dog through Walks

Don’t we all dream of nice leisurely walks with our dogs? We wish for a special bonding time where they get to sniff and take in the world. And long for time when we get to reflect and enjoy the outdoors. This should be a time that lets us forget about our worries, but too often, a walk with our dog means stress and frustration. With some small effort on our part we can begin to enjoy our walks together and enhance the bond with our dogs; all by taking a simple walk with them. Read more

Megan’s Musings: No Experience Required

No Experience Required: The Dangers to our Pets

Do you love dogs and dream of working with them? What would you like to be? A dog walker? A dog daycare attendant? A groomer? A pet sitter? A dog trainer? An animal rescuer? You are in luck. You can start any of these businesses with zero experience and you can call yourself an expert. How do you become an expert? All you need is a love of dogs and be a natural with them. Seems like a good deal doesn’t it? It may be great for the thousands of individuals who do this, but it is dangerous for our pets and we need to protect them. We can no longer allow the physical injuries, stress, emotional turmoil, behavioural set backs and even deaths that are occurring as a result of this. Read more

Megan’s Musings: Bucket Lists for our Dogs

It started when I noticed him shaking his head and not responding to my voice. I realized he was losing his hearing. And then the walks became harder and I started noticing he was stiff; slow to stand up and quieter in his ways. He was getting old and his time was becoming precious and limited. Read more

Megan’s Musings: Turning a Blind Eye or Speaking Out

Tonight I am sitting to write this blog out of the surge of emotions I am feeling. I usually take time to process and settle, but tonight I want to share my thoughts while I still feel shaky from what we witnessed and angry as to why this is happening around us all of the time. I will do my best to keep myself censored within this post, but feel like one day I have to just let it all out. Read more

Lessons Learned From Esther the Wonder Pig and Dr. Jane Goodall

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Dr. Jane Goodall

If you have not heard of Esther, check out her website and Facebook page. I was introduced to this page over a year ago and fell in love with her instantly. I was intrigued with the story, entertained by the pictures and videos and inspired by their passion. Esther was unable to stay in the city, so her dads decided to move and during this process decided to start a farm sanctuary, Happily Ever Esther. They announced an Indiegogo campaign to see their Farm Sanctuary dreams come true and were able to raise just over $440K in 2 months. We contributed to the campaign and received the perk of an invite to the Get Dirty work day, which Kris and I participated in on April 11th. Read more