Success Stories: Update – Sarah & Aiden

We received an update from Sarah on a hugely successful weekend for her and Aiden! If you have not already, you can read about her and Aiden here.

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Sharon and Abby

We had recently lost our dog Nicki, who had been a family member for 14 years. I was heart-broken and not having a dog in our lives was making me miserable and apparently, according to family around me, very cranky. It was time to get another dog. During a blizzard I convinced everyone (somehow) we should drive to Petsmart in Beacon Hill to look at the puppies. As it turned out Oops-A-Daisy had not gotten there due to the storm. For some reason I decided we should drive to the Petsmart on MacLeod Trail. Read more

Paul, Gillian and Callie

Hi I’m Callie,

Here’s a brief background on me, I lived outside for the first couple of months of my life and because of the environment I was exposed to, I became timid. I was rescued by ARF and adopted at 3 months – which is pretty cool since I was afraid to let people near me, pet me or make eye contact. My new family took me to puppy classes and training at Dogma. At first I was hesitant to let the trainers pet me, but they approached me slowly (and with tasty treats) and it didn’t take me too long to figure out that they were kind. Then came the first playtime….the other dogs wanted to play and it scared the daylights out of me, so the thoughtful trainers put me in to play with the smaller dogs so I could feel more confident. I’m very grateful that they considered how scared I was and allowed me to grow and blossom at my own rate. And grow and blossom I did….turns out, people are pretty darn nice, and it is so much fun to play with other dogs of all shapes and sizes…who knew?? I feel confident now and know that I’m a good dog. I no longer tuck my tail and run for protection, I approach people and things confidently, and I get so excited as we take the corner into the Dogma parking lot! Read more

Kathy and Ivy

Here is our success story about one of our dogs, Ivy. We adopted her from a local rescue organization over a year ago. She came to us as the sweetest little puppy that loved us, our close friends and family and of course of first dog, Thunder. The first week or so we had her we never noticed any real fear, we would have friends over, go on walks, all the things you should do to socialize a pup. Then slowly we started noticing her shy away from new people and new situations, she didn’t want to have much to do with outside world. She loved her people and her doggy friends and that was that! Read more

Sarah and Aiden

I was very proud of Aiden (and myself!) this summer. After practicing hard for 8 months I entered Aiden in two agility trials this summer. Aiden came to me as a 3 yr old just last year and has some issues with reactivity, which makes taking him to a dog show extra challenging! I was so proud of him at both trials. He remained focused on me, and all our hard work training paid of as we got 3 Qualifying runs towards his title, and he took a Second Place and a First place! Read more

Tiffany and Jake

My name is Tiffany, and this is Jake, our little mutt. We found Jake just over 2 years ago as a very skinny stray who stole mine and my Fiancé’s heart! We were just going to hold on to him until we could find him a home and we all know how that goes… anyways as he started getting more comfortable with us we started to see his issues come out of the woodwork. He was very scared of people , mostly men and if someone stuck there face too close or gave any eye contact he would snap. Read more

Empathy 101: Excerpt from The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

“One of my favourite books and I love this excerpt from it. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. We have it available for purchase in the store and to borrow from our library. I have been thinking about this whole concept a lot lately, and just how much better life would be for dogs if humans took the time to understand them and look at things from their perspective as well” Read more

Annika’s Story: Training Wolves and Mongolian Street Dogs

When I was first given the opportunity to work overseas with one of the world’s best animal trainers, I was in complete and utter shock! But seriously, who gets to train wolves for a movie in China? Little did I know, this gift would be the biggest challenge of my life both professionally and emotionally.

Moving to a foreign country alone, to meet a perfect stranger and devote months of your life away from everything comfortable and secure was scary enough! But meeting and learning to work with a pack of wolves was a whole other story.

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