Paul, Gillian and Callie

Hi I’m Callie,

Here’s a brief background on me, I lived outside for the first couple of months of my life and because of the environment I was exposed to, I became timid. I was rescued by ARF and adopted at 3 months – which is pretty cool since I was afraid to let people near me, pet me or make eye contact. My new family took me to puppy classes and training at Dogma. At first I was hesitant to let the trainers pet me, but they approached me slowly (and with tasty treats) and it didn’t take me too long to figure out that they were kind. Then came the first playtime….the other dogs wanted to play and it scared the daylights out of me, so the thoughtful trainers put me in to play with the smaller dogs so I could feel more confident. I’m very grateful that they considered how scared I was and allowed me to grow and blossom at my own rate. And grow and blossom I did….turns out, people are pretty darn nice, and it is so much fun to play with other dogs of all shapes and sizes…who knew?? I feel confident now and know that I’m a good dog. I no longer tuck my tail and run for protection, I approach people and things confidently, and I get so excited as we take the corner into the Dogma parking lot!

A side note from Callie’s parents: Callie now is a completely different dog from Callie at 3 months. For anyone considering a pet, don’t turn away from a timid dog. Watching her personality develop has been amazing, she’s fun, adventurous, and quite frankly a total goof. It is always tempting to go after the playful puppy that’s bouncing around and having fun, but don’t disregard the quiet one in the corner … they just need some help bringing out their personalities, and it doesn’t take long! Kudos to the fantastic trainers at Dogma for understanding dogs so well, for customizing their approach to each individual dog, and giving us dog owners the knowledge we need.

A note from Megan: the entire team has spoken frequently about how far Callie has come in her training and overall confidence. It is all because of the dedication her parents have had to keep her coming to classes and learn how to help her. She is a lucky girl and we are lucky to have such a wonderful family to teach and learn from in our classes. Thank you!

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