Success Stories: Update – Sarah & Aiden

We received an update from Sarah on a hugely successful weekend for her and Aiden! If you have not already, you can read about her and Aiden here.

Aiden and I had so much fun at the Canadian National Belgian Shepherd Dog Show! Aiden earned his first leg for Rally Novice, with a ‘barely’ qualifying score, but lucky for us it was the High Scoring Belgian in Class so we got a ribbon for that. Then in agility he was amazing! And surpassed my expectations. This was only our third agility trial. We did 3 Novice JWW rounds, qualifying in 2 of them with scores of 100! And a High in Trial! And a High Scoring Belgian in trial! We did 3 Novice Standard courses, Q in 2 with 100 and 95 and another High in Trial. So now we have our first CKC agility novice titles in Standard and Jumpers! It was Aiden’s first time away from home with us….staying in a hotel, etc….He was a very good boy, but I think he missed his ‘doggie sisters’. Many Belgian people commented on how beautifull he is. I didn’t show him in conformation as we were too busy in agility, and hes still not that comfortable with ‘strangers’ touching him….and the specialty judge from Australia was giving them all quite a feeling over!

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