Tiffany and Jake

My name is Tiffany, and this is Jake, our little mutt. We found Jake just over 2 years ago as a very skinny stray who stole mine and my Fiancé’s heart! We were just going to hold on to him until we could find him a home and we all know how that goes… anyways as he started getting more comfortable with us we started to see his issues come out of the woodwork. He was very scared of people , mostly men and if someone stuck there face too close or gave any eye contact he would snap.

He was very reactive to people and dog’s on leash. We couldn’t walk by anyone without him lunging and snarling. He also was a giant jerk to dogs off leash, and due to the fact he is a herding breed and needs to run this caused a lot of issues. We still took him at first but he fought with every dog he met, so we had to start taking him at quiet times or outside of the city. But we always had that fear we would run into somebody.

At this time we knew nothing about dog training except for what we saw on Cesar which ended up making our lives so much worse. We followed Cesar’s “directions” and every time Jake reacted he got alpha rolled or corrected which just made him fight and react worse. He actually bit a woman on the street during one of his outbreaks. So I started looking into training and thank god we found dogma!

We signed Jake up for Resolving Reactivity with Megan, and not even a week after our first class and changing how we were treating him, we saw a huge difference in him! Jake was just a scared little dog who acted out because this world was super scary! So all this time he was reacting because he was scared and we punished him for it. It still breaks our hearts knowing we put him through that and didn’t have too! Anyways we took Jake through 6 weeks of Resolving Reactivity and by the end he was able to take treats from men and would even wag his tail coming into class!

Next we registered for Reactivity Agility and this is where we saw the biggest change. From the first day where we had to coax him to do anything to the last class where he could run off leash in a room full of dogs and finished the course in the fastest time – I for sure teared up! We also completed Reactivity Agility 2 and Resolving Reactivity Outdoors. After working with Jake through dogma and at home he is now such an amazing boy. We go off leash and he loves all dogs! He now jumps up in people’s faces to give kisses, he is totally non reactive to anything on a leash (maybe not squirrels but getting better) and even goes to daycare sometimes. I can’t thank Megan & dogma enough for what they have done for us and Jake! She taught me how to cure Jake’s fears not punish them out and I will always be grateful!

Note from Megan: It makes our jobs very easy and so rewarding when we deal with such dedicated and committed parents like Tiffany and Trevor. We just coach and give the information and they do all the work. It makes us so happy to see such results and what can happen when we spend the time to understand and work with, not against, our dogs’ behavioural concerns. Good job!

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